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Absence Management

Employees request absences through a self-service mobile app; an approval/decline can be made either through rule-based automated decision making or through the employee's manager. The manager is always in the loop with requests via emails and online reports.

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Payroll enters the 21st century! All payroll-related tasks are automated in the system, which automatically generates the payroll, prepares the relevant government reports required, sends the payroll for approval to the relevant managers and then performs the salary payments directly through the company's bank account. The finalised payroll is then automatically shared with the accounting software that can be integrated with our platform, or exported to the relevant format.

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Shift Management

The 1st AI-based shift management tool for the retail, hospitality and healthcare industry! Your employees provide their availability and the system automatically decides on the best shift assignnments based on skills, availablity and any legal requirements ensuring a fair shift assignment for all.

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Salary Advances

Reducing employee's financial stress in an ethical way byu providing access to their earned salary before the payroll run. Provifing financial flexibility, while minimising the use of expensive loans or credit cards.

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Crew Absence Management App

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Get access to your absence records and request leave anytime, anywhere, with the Crew Absence Management mobile app.

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