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company structure

Setup the whole structure and rules of your company with ease

No two companies work the same. Crew Workplace Management is fully dynamic and customisable allowing you to setup your company's structure very easily and set the specific rules to reflect the way your specific company works.

  • Easily create all company's departments and roles.
  • Setup the reporting structure as it is in reality.
  • Define the approval flow as per your structure.
  • Assigning an employee on a role automaticaly gives them the proper access as defined in the company structure.
  • You can define the minimum staff requirements per job role enabling the system to automatically ensure the proper number of staff is always available.
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Company Structure
Secure Document Management

Store your employee documents with peace of mind

A very important aspect of HR is storing and having easily accessible all employee documents. With Crew you can store all employee documents securely online.

  • Define permanent and temporary documents.
  • Teporary documents give you a reminder 1 month before their expiry.
  • Store an unlimited number of documents per employee.
  • Absence documentation (doctor's certificates etc) can also be stored along with the relevant leave request for ease of access.
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Document Management
advanced reporting

The power is in the information

Business Intelligence tools need data to give you important statistics and insights. Having the right report when you need it provides extreme efficiency and saves time. Crew Workplace Management has a very dynamic and powerful reporting functionality built-in, that enables managers to find the right information exactly when they need it. The data is also exportable excel to enable even further processing of the data or importing in a separate system.

  • Receive daily absence email reports for your direct reports.
  • Dynamically generate reprots with the information you need.
  • Drill down to the information you need with dynamic filters.
  • Export reports for further processing.
  • Managers can view the information only for the persons who report to them.

You cannot deny that planning becomes a breeze with the provided advanced reporting.

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employee self service

Give the power of knowledge at the reach of your employee's palms

Employees get access to their HR records directly on their phones with the dedicated Crew mobile app available on iPhone and Android. The employees with the app can see all information relevant to their work and interact with management in an efficient way.

  • See a dashboard with announcements, upcoming shifts & leaves.
  • Request leaves and provide relevant documentation.
  • Check-in when arriving and Check-out when leaving work with just a tap.
  • Review upcoming shift assignments for better planning.
  • View payslips along with a full breakdown in a completely paperless way.
  • View your HR records and request any relevant updates.
  • Send questions to management and receive responses directly in the app.

All employee's interactions with the company become a breeze.

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Self Service Mobile App

Crew is built with data security being at its core.

Crew is built with data security being at its core. Every user of the platform only has access to the information they are allowed to view / take action on and no more than that.

Crew will be the heart of your company, hence it is secure by design and follows all latest international security standards. In Crew we take very seriously that we are handling your sensitive information and always value your own security as a top priority.

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